In the spirit of continuous improvement, we have embarked on initiatives to provide service
excellence and sustainablility to our stakeholders

Performance Management System

We employ a cleaning services management platform for sanitizing and cleaning tasks. This cloud-based solution boasts features such as task scheduling, resource management, inventory tracking, job tracking, service request management, reporting, and more, all accessible from a single platform. Our facilities can be visually monitored using an interative planning tool, which enables users to create floor plans, schematics, site maps, or other visuals to track service requests and status.

Robotic Cleaning Equipment

We've implemented a major innovation that streamlines repetitive tasks for our team, making them faster and more efficient. Our solution is a robotic cleaning system that can perform various cleaning and sanitizing tasks such as wiping, sweeping, scrubbing, floor washing, and disinfection.

Green Cleaning

We offer Green Products upon request. Our organic products contain no harmful chemicals that can harm the environment, human, or animals.
Our mission is to protect the environment and prevent illnesses caused by exposure to common cleaning products. We utilize safe and environmentally friendly products that are safe for both people and pets. IEM designs customized cleaning programs that follow Best Practices for “ green ” cleaning. We utilize non-toxic cleaning products, advanced equipment, technology, and safer procedures, reducing the need for labor and chemical use, compared to traditional cleaning methods.